Photographs of
what it felt like.
Not just what
it looked like.
groom kisses a brides shoulder. She is wearing a backless dress by Grace Loves Lace Australia Wedding Photography Switzerland
It’s all about
your life, your
story & your
loved ones.

Honest, heartfelt, modern, Natural wedding and family photography in Switzerland and beyond.

Creative documentary-style wedding and family photography in Switzerland that ventures beyond the ordinary. For urban love stories, wandering souls and elopements in the wild.

Are you looking for someone to photograph you in a tender, relaxed and fun way that won't make you cringe? In a way that feels true to you?


If you'd like beautiful, meaningful photographs that you, your friends and family will love for years to come, I am the person for you!


I’d love to photograph all your joy, emotion and the “in-between” moments (the bits that often turn out to be the best of all).


This is wedding & family photography that is honest, meaningful and will make your heart leap.


Wedding Photography Switzerland

I believe that everyone is unique, special, wonderfully weird and completely beautiful. These differences are what make us all who we are. We all have a story and deserve a space to shine.


Let’s celebrate that.

Elopement, Family & Wedding photography, Switzerland. For lighthearted, laid-back, stylish couples, fun-loving families and dreamers who value emotion and the people around them above everything else.


People like you.


My people are creative, imaginative and non-traditional types who are light of heart and free of spirit. Like-minded souls, who love an adventure and who don’t need to be asked to smile at one another because they’re already laughing.*


At some point you will probably mention to me that you don't like having your photograph taken. But honestly, everyone says that. It's my job to make you feel comfortable, relaxed and natural. It'll be more like spending time with a friend than having your photos taken.

*I'd never force anyone to smile or put you into any weird uncomfortable "poses", promise!

// Emotional // Natural // Playful // Unguarded // Beautiful // Informal // Thoughtful // Relaxed // Human Connections // Intimate // Real // Raw // Darkness & Light // Celebrating the Everyday //

Wedding Photography Switzerland


Emotional images full of moments and memories that are relaxed and real. This is at the centre of my wedding photography.


You don’t want your wedding to turn into some elaborate photo-shoot or production set. You want honest, beautiful photos that show how the day really unfolded.


Are you tired of seeing the same thing? Me too. Wedding photography has become a little bit manufactured. If you’re photographing the most intensely romantic day of someone’s life, you need to feel every moment vividly. You need to infuse every shot with passion.

This is wedding photography for people who typically don't like wedding photography!


Shall we create something different?

We chose Caroline as our photographer for our wedding in Zürich primarily because we liked the style of her photography but also because she was so friendly and bubbly. We felt really comfortable around her while being photographed (both of us are a bit shy in front of the camera).


She always managed to be in the right spot at the right time, we are so happy with our wedding photographs.

Janina & Thomas

From the moment we met we knew Caroline was the photographer for us. We felt we'd known her for years which was so important as my husband isn't very confident around new people but Caroline managed to make him feel at ease in no time.

Our photos are beautiful.

Since our wedding friends and family still comment on how lovely they found Caroline, especially my Nanny! She was more like a wedding guest than a photographer.

Lucy & Lemmi

Hi, I'm



I'M A Wedding & family PHOTOGRAPHER based iN Basel, SWITZERLAND.

I take joy in noticing the beauty in the unusual, the perfection in the imperfections and I'm always seeking those in-between moments. The real and honest bits that make everything magic.

Happiest surrounded by my favourite people in the mountains or by a river/lake/the sea. Nature is in my heart but I love big cities too.


A deep feeler, plant fiend, lover of cooking and good food, completely incapable of keeping my home tidy, yoga enthusiast and an utter bookworm.


I’ll never over-pose you, ask you to do something cheesy, or suggest anything that doesn’t feel like “you”.


Being a people person at heart, the main thing you need to know is: I have a knack for putting people at ease. I'll make you feel good, like you can completely be yourselves. Which will result in those natural photographs you are looking for.


To be able to capture people’s memories for them so that they won't slip through fingers and be forgotten is the best feeling and I adore the beauty in each and every story.


Get in touch if you are looking for Wedding Photography in Switzerland or beyond, take me with you on your adventures!

Portrait of Caroline Hancox Photography, wedding photographer Basel. Image by Claudia Rose Carter

My photographs are a calm and tender documentation of unique, eccentric people who are deeply, madly in love.

You are special and have a story that deserves to be told. It's full of laughter, joy, vulnerabilities, and heart thumping memories that you want to hold on tight too.

You deserve fabulous wedding photographs


Wedding photographs that hit you right in the heart with emotion.


When you look back at your gallery in years to come, you will be taken right back into that very moment. You will be reminded of exactly how you felt when you were there – those goosebumps on your arm, that short intake of breath and the gentle butterflies in your stomach.



museum Schloss Spiez wedding day

If you would like beautiful, meaningful photographs that you, your friends and family will love for years to come, I am the person for you!


Get in touch, tell me all about your plans, let's get this started!

Wedding Photography Switzerland

By photographing your life/loves/memories/story in a way that is true to you, you’ll end up with photographs that you’ll love.

Natural, documentary style wedding photography in Switzerland and beyond.

we are so so sooooo happy and touched by your beautiful pictureS.

THEY are phenomenal!

we cannot express how thankful we are!!!


- Sarella and Chris

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Hopefully when you read this page you found yourself nodding along and thinking "Yessss, she gets me! I want photographs like this!!"


Email me now and let's get this started.

If you are looking for elopement, family or wedding photography Switzerland (or further afield)? Then please send me an email and tell me about you and what you are planning, let's get to know one another.




wedding PHOTOGRAPHy Switzerland.

Basel, Zurich, Bern, Geneva, Swiss Alps and the rest of Europe.


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