About Me

Hi I’m Caroline, I’m a photographer and I live in Switzerland with my boyfriend John.  We moved here because of his job and I am so glad we did as we completely love it here!  Its such a creative city and don’t get me started on swimming in the Rhine in the summer!   I document weddings, elopements, couples and families all over Switzerland, the UK and rest the of Europe.  I love my job, it is such a great feeling to be able to photograph special (and sometimes completely everyday) moments in peoples lives in a creative, meaningful and real way.

I’ve been told that I blend in well with the guests on a wedding day and people often think that I am a friend of the couple.  I always take this as a massive compliment, as I know that I make people feel at ease behind the camera even if they are nervous.  Having your photo taken is not a normal experience and I understand that it can be nerve wracking so I strive to make it as fun, easy and comfortable as possible.

Some things I like/you should know!

I really want a cat or a dog but we live in an apartment so it just isn’t possible.  So instead I pretty much try and stroke every one that comes near me.   My boyfriend thinks its funny to take photos of when I’m successful or when I’m completely ignored!!

I am a cryer – I wear my heart on my sleeve and show my emotions easily.  Just can’t help it.

I love to walk – whether it is loosing yourself in the city or hiking up a mountain, its one of my favourite things to do.

Actually just generally being outdoors is the best, its good for the soul.  Snowboarding, seeking hidden beaches, sitting by rivers, climbing up mountains, sipping beer on the balcony – its all good.

I run (reluctantly) on the banks of the river and although I always hate the thought of doing it, I actually secretly love it.  I just wish that I would remember this fact when it is time to go and do it.

Food and drink are VERY important to me and I love to cook.

My indoor garden makes me happy and I’m just extending it out onto the balcony.

We have to bring back boxes of tea from the UK because they sell it in individual sachets (30 in a box) here – thats just not enough tea!!!!!

I miss proper London pubs.

London is probably my favourite city in the world.


About My Photographic Style

My style is just me with my camera and how I see the world.  It is not about whatever the latest trend or fad this week maybe, it is about being honest and real in how I see the world.  At all times I strive to be myself and never to try to be anyone else.  I work in a relaxed but energetic way and always as a collaboration between you and me.  I love what I do (I’ve said this before I know) but I do and I hope that it shows in the photos I produce.

When you book me you book my creative vision and artistic skill and I promise to work really hard to produce results that you will love for years to come.

Technical info

I have been a photographer for more than 10 years now and in that time I have photographed over 100 weddings and many family and commercial shoots.    Up until 2015 I worked as a photographer for The Chemistry Department of The University of Cambridge.  I photographed all sorts of interesting things during my time there and met some very inspiring people.  As well as working at the University I ran my own freelance wedding and portrait business which is now my full time job.

I also have a first class degree in Professional Photography and started taking photos when I discovered the darkroom way back in college.  Shooting film is still important to me but I haven’t been in the dark room for too long!

Previous to all this I worked in a variety of jobs including chalet girl, handyman (yes really!), coordinator for wheelchair assistance at Stansted Airport among many others (its been pretty varied).  This has all led me to where I am today and has given me an insight into many industries and ways of life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Enough about me though, how can I help you?