About Me

I’m Caroline and I’m a photographer. Inspired by people, their relationships, nature, big city lights, my boyfriend John (am I allowed to say that or is that too sappy?!), light (oh golden gorgeous late afternoon light!), and always, always the sheer creativity of people.

If you’ve not already guessed, I am quite a fan of taking photos, I love to capture moments and to record the world around me, I genuinely get excited when I press the shutter and I know that I’ve got something special inside that magic little camera box! I like to think that I can see beauty in the everyday and strive to make even the seemingly mundane beautiful. It doesn’t matter whether I am taking photos for someone else’s memories or projects or if it just for me and my own. Its all about telling stories.

At the end of last year we had a spontaneous move to Basel in Switzerland (John got an unexpected job offer), which means that I now have the opportunity to work over here as well as in the UK. Basel is pretty much at the centre of Europe but still close enough to be able to easily come back to the UK to photograph the lovely weddings there too. We are lucky enough to be close to some AMAZING landscapes (I am itching to photograph a wedding in the Alps). It is my intention to continue working in both counties and all over Europe.

A few things that I love (in no particular order!): Going out for long walks, hanging out with friends and family whilst eating tasty food and drinking tasty drinks! (but then again, who doesn’t enjoy this?), laughing out loud until it hurts, my bike crazy and beautiful boyfriend John, a good film, Cornwall, France, The Alps (in summer or winter – I’m not fussy!), Danish style, snowboarding, pretty much ALL food, reading books – I can easily devour a book in a week, going to gigs, black ankle boots (I blame Alexa Chung), old shabby furniture, Normandy Cider and Camenbert, gorgeously glowing early evening light, being outside, American style porches. I love a camping trip, scruffy bed hair, and paddling in the sea whatever the weather.

Technical Information:

For the past 10 years I’ve been running my own freelance photography business.  Until last year I also worked part time as a photographer for the Chemistry Department at the University of Cambridge.  Before all that I learned black and white photography and processing the the dark room at Art College and then went on to study at the Cambridge School of Art and received a distinction in a Degree in Professional Photography (top of the class woohoo! – I don’t get to tell people that very often, or at all so forgive me for the mini boast!)

I’ve been lucky enough to have been shortlisted for some industry awards including: Hey Hot Shot contender & Shortlisted for Photographer of the year 2009 for Professional Photography Magazine.

Previous to all this I worked in a variety of jobs including chalet girl, handyman (really!), coordinator for wheelchair assistance at Stansted Airport among many others (its been pretty varied).  This has all led me to where I am today and has given me an insight into many industries and ways of life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Enough about me though, how can I help you?