What type of Family Photographer are you exactly?

Before I get into this article, if you have landed here looking for a wedding photographer in Basel or Switzerland you might like this instead: wedding photography galley. If you are looking for someone to photograph your lovely family, then read on, thank you! xx

“There are so many different types of family photography, what can I expect from you?”

So pleased you asked (let's just pretend that you did!)  Yep, you are right.  There are a lot of different words that are thrown around when it comes to different photographic styles.  I’m a Basel photographer who specialises in creative documentary photography.

three children lying in the grass holding hands

Which, in a nutshell means that I creatively photograph what is going on in front of me. Without interfering and posing things too much.  It's an unobtrusive approach to family photography.  I seek to avoid directing things too much by letting the family enjoy themselves.   To tease out their personalities in front of the camera and to show me what that looks like.

a mother kisses the toes of her newborn baby boy basel photographer

Basically - you do you and I’ll photograph that.  

If that sounds a little scary and like I just leave you to it.  It isn’t like that at all, don’t worry! 

couple with child on Dads shoulder they are all smiling at each other

While we are taking photographs, I’ll be interacting and talking with you. It’s all about teasing your real personalities out.

You will not be left on your own to wonder what on earth to do or how you should act!  I don’t want to freak you out and leave you wondering what on earth you should be doing with your hands!  I know you know what I mean.  It’s that weird feeling that you get as soon as a camera is pointed at you:  You suddenly realize that you have hands at the end of your arms and for some reason you can’t remember what you are supposed to do with them!!!  You will not feel like this. I won’t abandon you to “naturally be yourselves” as soon as I switch the camera on. It takes a little help from your photographer to feel at ease and to let me in. I do understand this. I know that being photographed is a strange feeling.

family portrait in the cherry blossom at Schönmatt

Instead, you will gently be positioned and moved into the best light with a good background. Basel is full of good backdrops for photographs so that part is easy! Then I’ll encourage you to let yourself be yourselves. (I can’t give away all my secrets here though, you’ll have to wait and see on our photo shoot).  This results in images that mean something to you. You will receive family photographs that actually look like you, as a family!   Not some meaningless vacant pose that you would NEVER EVER DO IN REAL LIFE!!

family laughing on a photo shoot in Basel

You can read more about what creative documentary photography means over here.

On a more practical note I am a Basel photographer and I photograph all the different stages of family life and all different types of families - EVERYONE IS WELCOME HERE.

This means that I am here for: Maternity, Newborns, Babies, Toddlers, just starting school, grandparents visiting, birthdays, holidays, a whole day in your life, or simply for no particular occasion at all. 

Perhaps you are visiting Switzerland or Basel on your holiday’s (or will be in the future) and want some photographs to remember the trip?   Are you leaving Basel to go and live somewhere else and you want a photographic memento of your time here in some of your favourite places?  Whatever stage you are at, it is worth photographing and saving for the future.

Whatever family means to you, I am here to photograph that. You might have 7 children, no children, a whole menagerie of pets, grandparents, adopted or foster children, 2 dads, 2 mums - 2 dads and 2 mums, those trying desperately to have children but can't, the child-free families or your chosen families. Whatever you unique family dynamic looks like: I'd love to photograph it.

You will never be as you are right now and the “mundane” and the everyday is worth celebrating as much as any big milestone.  I strongly believe this.

family photo shoot they are eating ice cream by the river in Basel

Photographer Basel

I have photographed some families here in Basel who I am lucky enough to photograph every year.  I get to watch their little ones grow up and new siblings join the family. To be asked back again and again is the ultimate privilege for me and I am forever thankful.

children running by the side of the river Rhine in Basel

It's such a wonderful thing to be able to photograph a family's life.  I love it so much. If we have learned anything from being on lockdown recently and in the wake of this global pandemic; it’s that the power of human connection is hugely important.  We are nothing without the people that we love around us - so let’s celebrate that.

If you are looking for a Basel photographer, please get in touch.

child with outstretched arm is smiling and running family photographer Basel

Basel Photographer. Family Photographer Basel, Switzerland

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