couple stand outside the Zivilstandesamt in Basel and are surrounded by confetti canons at their micro wedding

Confetti canons and micro weddings = a good combination.

This might be one of my favourite confetti moments ever. Not just because of the joy on their faces but because of the story behind the image.

Sara and Joschka had just had the civil ceremony at their micro wedding. The guests and I were waiting outside for them to emerge from the Zivilstandsamt with confetti canons to shower them in a cloud of confetti.

When they walked out, no-one could get the canons to go off!  Which, of course caused mild panic and much laughter.  So they dived back inside to have another go but before they could come outside again one of the canons went off.  No-one was quite ready for it.  Sara ran out of the building into a shower of confetti but Joschka who was just a second afterwards and missed it! 

Someone had their confetti canon round the wrong way so they fired it straight at the floor and their legs which of course was even more funny.  

In the middle of all this laughter, the two confetti canons that we had left both went off at the same time. Then this magic moment happened.

Confetti canons and Micro Weddings, they really area good mix!

My point is this: This moment is never going to be forgotten.  They will all remember when the confetti canons went off at the "wrong time", the wrong way round and how much everyone laughed and enjoyed it.  They won’t remember that it went wrong mostly because it didn’t go wrong.

I can’t speak for these two, but personally I'm 100% sure that the moment was made better by the unexpected.

This is what was important.

Perfection is overrated!  Actually scratch that.  More appropriately:  THIS PHOTO AND THIS MOMENT - THIS IS WHAT PERFECTION IS. IT'S REAL AND IT'S JOYFUL.

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