couple photoshoot ideas basel a t-shirt is sticking to a mans back, he has been in the rRhine in his clothes
beautiful couple in the river thine in their clothes, she is touching her hair and his wet tshirt sticks to him

Couple photoshoot ideas in Basel, Switzerland.

Sometimes I get an idea for a photoshoot and I can’t shift it.

It’s a little spark that grows and with it so does the excitement to create something new.  It’s something that sometimes sneaks up on you when you are not expecting.

close of a woman's body in a wet dress at sunset the light is golden and gorgeous
couple kisses on the bank of the river rhine in Basel

To be completely honest, I’ve become a little bit obsessed with water recently. The river and the public fountains here in Basel in particular.  I wanted to study where the water pools, drips off of and touches the body.  The point at where the skin and the water meet.  It was going to be something quite abstract and I wanted to challenge what is normally considered beautiful.  

When you look at these images I am guessing that you don’t see what I just described though!! 

They are not at all what I had in my head when I set out to make them.  As I said I was going for something much more abstract.  While working, experimenting and playing things started to shift.  When Danielle and Mario stepped in front of my camera, I was inspired by their energy and what they brought to the photoshoot. Not just what I wanted to “get” out of it.   The focus changed.  I got inspired more by them and less by the couple photoshoot ideas that I had imagined beforehand.  The result is more romantic and soft but all the more lovely for it because it truly was a collaboration.

Also the light - the light was insane!!!   It was almost impossible not to react to that golden light.

couple embrace in the river Rhine in Basel photographer basel
couple embrace on their photoshoot in Basel
man splashes in the water couple photoshoot ideas river rhine basel
a man is splashin a woman in the river the water droplets are caught in the golden sunset light
couple hold hands in the river

This year has not been a usual year.  We all know that, it’s nothing new. Everyone has been affected in some way with what 2020 has thrown at us.  My job, which I love and now come to realise I take quite a lot more of my self worth and pride in than I ever really knew before. Was, in some way taken away overnight - not permanently, it will, and is slowly coming back with lovely family shoots and small weddings - I’ve been lucky.  (And yes, I do know that other people have it way worse. I’m not complaining, just telling you what's been going on.  I’m not that selfish!)  It’s still shaky grounds but we are all managing together as best we can.

couplecuddle in the river, they are wet and are wearing their clothes

During this time, when we didn’t know what was going to happen. We've all been in a sort of limbo state. These little sparks of creativity have been blossoming though and I am so grateful. My brain has had a chance to breathe and to think about new things. So many ideas for personal projects, couple photoshoot ideas and playing with (new to me) camera techniques.  I’m taking this as the gift from the universe that it is.

Portrait photo shoots are always a collaboration between the photographer and the ones being photographed.

The people in the images are exposing themselves to you and you are noticing, reading and interpreting what you see.  To ignore people's personalities and to plough ahead in my own little world does not do justice to the people that are in the images.  Collaboration is the key.

In this case, I am glad that I didn’t stick too rigidly to the original couple photoshoot idea. There are definitely elements of the abstract to be found here but it’s subtle.

Overall it’s a much softer vibe than I imagined.  I do plan on conjuring up another photo shoot using the inspiration and vision that I originally had for this one - but who knows - something else might take over that day as well!  Maybe I’ll light it with flash and do it in the middle of a bright sunny day?  Who knows!

Basically, this is to remind myself that whatever you think might happen on a photo shoot and whatever grand plans you may have going in.  It’s always good to see what happens and to be informed by the people in front of you, the light and the vibe.  

Be adaptable and flexible.

couple splashing each other playfully in the river rhine in Basel at sunset couple photoshoot ideas

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