Custom Designed Photography Albums

I’m so pleased that you are considering having an album of your images.  These albums are the perfect way to enjoy your photos.  Not only for you but they are a legacy too.  I don’t want to sound over dramatic and epic about it but I do believe that there is power in photos and that they grow in importance over time.  So an album is the perfect way to showcase this and to have something tangible in your hands.

The album.

A beautiful archival photograph album of your favourite images.  Each album is individually designed by me. Printed on gorgeous thick archival photographic paper and bound in your choice of Linen, Velvet or Leather (I am working on a finding vegan leather option).

There are 3 sizes available:

  • 20 x 20 cms (8 x 8 inches) Square
  • 25 x 25 cms (10 x 10 inches) Square
  • 25 x 35 cms (10 x 14 inches) Vertical.
  • 35 x 25 cms (14 x 10 inches) Horizontal.

Album details:

  • There is a minimum of 10 double page spreads (20 single pages, approx 25 images) and a maximum of 50 double pages spreads (100 single pages, 120 -160 images).
  • A choice of Linen, Velvet or Leather covers in a variety of colours (see below for colour options and details).
  • Printed with archival ink on thick photographic paper.  Your choice of a lustre finish or matt. 
  • Lay flat pages.  This means you can print over the crease in the middle.
  • An album box.
  • 1 round of design revisions.
  • Parent albums or smaller copies are also available at an extra charge.

How to order the album.

1. Choose which size album you would like, the cover material and the colour.

2. Choose which images you would like included in the album.  This is your album so choose your favourites.  Not what you think you “should” have in there.  You can select the images you would like directly in your online gallery by clicking on the heart in the top left hand corner of the images.  If you are unsure, I am happy to make the selection for you (my favourite images are usually the ones in your highlights slideshow!).  Alternatively send me a selection of your “must haves” and I can select the rest.  

The amount of images you choose will dictate how many spreads your album will be.  I tend to design some pages as a collage of images and some pages as large single images to give a pleasing and interesting design.  You can see some example layouts at the end of this blog post.

As a rough guide: 10 spreads fits around 25 images. 15 spreads fits 35 - 50 images, 20 spreads fits 45 - 65 images, 30 spreads fits 55 - 90 images, 40 spreads fits 85 - 120 images and 50 spreads fits 110 - 150 images.

3. Designing the album.  I’ll do the design and then send you the album proofs via your online gallery.

4. Then it's over to you. At this stage you tell me any changes you would like making to the album.  Either with the layouts or any images that you would like to take out/add in/swap over.  You have one round of revisions included in the cost of the album so feel free to make as many changes as you would like here.

5. I then make the amendments (if there are any) and send the album proofs back.  If you would like any additional changes after this point it is CHF70 per round of revisions.

6. Approval.  You sign off the design.   

7. Once the album is signed off I will send the album off for printing.

8. Delivery.  It takes up to 6 weeks for the album to arrive.  Once it arrives, I’ll check it over and then forward it onto you.

Cover options:

You can choose from a range of different cover materials and colours. Currently the options are: Linen, Velvet and Leather (I'm working on finding a Vegan Leather option as well).




Album layout examples.

Album details: 73 images over 25 double page spreads. 25 x 25 cms album, Matt photograhinc paper (Katoen White 250g) and Linen cover in the colour 07.

Prices start at CHF450. Please get in touch for specific pricing details and to order your album. More about the subject of albums over here if you would like some further reading.

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