Do you feel a bit nervous in front of the camera? The importance of allowing yourself to be a bit vulnerable.

I get it.  I get a bit awkward and nervous in front of the camera too.  It’s hard to be out of our comfort zones and to let ourselves be vulnerable in front of other people.  But, it's my job to make you feel comfortable.  It’s like my super power, I’m good at it I promise.  (You can read what past clients have to say about this over here.)

Having photographs taken by someone that you don’t know can be a bit of a daunting experience.  It makes people feel nervous and many people think that they simply don’t like it. It doesn't have to be this way though, give it a try, you might surprise yourself.

What I really want to share, and too (hopefully) make you feel better about your own nervousness in front of the camera is a little “outtakes video” of me trying to film a 15 second “thank you video” for my website.   All I wanted to say was;  “Thanks for your email, I appreciate it and I will get back to you as soon as I can”  - THAT WAS IT!!!

It’s good to share our vulnerabilities right??!!!

Even funnier though is that I did this out on our balcony because my boyfriend was working from home (it was mid-lockdown).  So, now it just makes me giggle to think of how many people were out on their own balconies, eating their lunch, enjoying the sun or doing a spot of balcony gardening.  I wonder if they had a little giggle at the person chatting and filming themselves, thanking people for emails!!!

The main point is that it's OK to feel nervous in front of the camera.  It’s also OK to let yourself be a little bit vulnerable.  So in the spirit of this; this is me looking a bit stupid and very very human!  

On a very separate note - why is it so weird to hear our own voices?!  Do I really sound like that?!

Do you feel a bit nervous in front of the camera? The importance of allowing yourself to be a bit vulnerable.

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