Family Photography in Switzerland.

Hopefully this blog post will demystify and clarify what you can expect from your family photo shoot with me. If this is your first time having a family photoshoot and you are a bit nervous or don't know what to expect, I hope this will help you out to feel more comfortable and less nervous.

What to expect from your family photo shoot.

mum and son throwing autumn leaves on a trampoline family photo shoot in Switzerland

You are looking to organise a family photo shoot in Switzerland (hopefully, thats why you are here!)

You know that you want some fab photographs of you all together but you’ve never booked a family photo shoot before and don’t really know where to start.

Does that sound like you?!

I understand that it is not a normal thing for you to do. You don't have a photographer following you round every other day snapping away so it might be a bit unfamiliar and strange. That is completely OK! I understand and I'm here to reassure you that it's fine to be a bit nervous but don't let that stop you from getting those gorgeous images that you would like.

To read the full article head over on my brand new Family Photography Website there are loads of top tips and inside info. Stick around here if you are just looking for the headlines though!

Actually, please do go and visit my Family Photography Website, it's beautiful (so modest!) and has loads of information and more images that you can explore to find out more about family photoshoots in Switzerland. THANKS!!

family photograph everyone is looking at each other and smiling family photo shoot in Switzerland
small boy reaches out to the camera family photo shoot in Switzerland

Family photo shoot in Switzerland.

  • Be yourselves.  Whatever that might look like. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT! You are perfect as you are. Don't change it.
  • You don’t all have to look at the camera all of the time.
  • You might be nervous but that is OK. It's my job to make you fee comfortable and it's my super skill.
  • It’s OK to take a snack/nap/emergency break during the family photo shoot in Switzerland. Power naps encouraged.
alternative family photography switzerland, girl jumoing in the air and her hair is wild
  • I know I said bring snacks but please try not to bring too much extra unnecessary “stuff” with you. You need your hands to hug each other.
  • Try to forget that it is “a family photo shoot”.
boy smiles at camera family photo shoot in Switzerland
family photo shoot they are eating ice cream by the river in Basel
family laughing on a photo shoot in Basel
  • Don’t worry if your little one is not behaving how you want them to during the family photo shoot.  Honestly at some point, they probably won't! But the more you stress about it the worse it will be. They probably are not being as bad as you think anyway. I bet the naughtiness, is actually SOOOOO frickin' cute on camera!
  • Choosing the location for your family photo shoot in Switzerland. Choose somewhere that means something to you, somewhere you want to visit, start at your home (often the best). Or if you have no idea, let me make suggestions. I have so many!
a mother kisses the toes of her newborn baby boy basel photographer
boy jumps for joy on a family photo session Basel
  • “My home isn’t nice enough” or “I’m not looking my best at the moment”. - This isn't a tip but just some advice. Your home is perfect as it is and so are you. Ignore that niggly little voice in your head.
  • It’s meant to be fun. So don't stress it too much. Let me deal with the stress. You just turn up and be yourselves. That really is the best thing that you can do!

I hope that demystifies the process a little, gets you excited for your family photo shoot in Switzerland and answers some of your questions.

Please get in touch if you have any more questions, let's get a family photo shoot booked in and grab those memories eagerly with both hands for the future.

toddler looks at camera with toy pig
family running and tickling they are all laughing with delight
boy on a trampoline in the sun during a family photography session
family photo shoot at home with sitting on the sofa with a dog in Basel

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