Photographing your family life in all its beautiful, messy and glorious detail.

Come as you are - you'll be more than perfect.


Natural images full of personality.

Joyful, emotional and unconventional family photography in Switzerland for relaxed, lighthearted families.

It’s as simple as that.

You are unique, it’s our differences that make us special. You have a story it’s wonderful. I’m sure of it, let me show it to you. All the beautiful in-between moments, the hugs, laughs and squeezes.

I'd love to photograph your family. Together we'll create art with soul to show you how beautiful you truly are.

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Celebrate the everyday, everyday.

I want to document the way you look at your family and the way that look is reflected back at you: This is where the magic lies. Don’t let it slip away unnoticed.

The time is now, I don't have to tell you that these moments won’t last forever. I believe in documenting the “normalities” of everyday life. Celebrating the small stuff as much as any milestone.

Natural family photographs is my aim. Each session is designed specifically with your individual family in mind to make it easy and enjoyable for you. Ultimately, to photograph you at your most natural and comfortable.

Have a look through these recent family photography galleries

Family Photographer Switzerland

At home

May 12, 2023
Family Photographer Switzerland

Family Photography by the Rhine, Basel

May 12, 2023
Family Photographer Switzerland

A day in the life family photoshoot in the Swiss mountains, Davos, Switzerland

May 11, 2023
Family Photographer Switzerland

Family Photography at home in Basel in the garden

May 4, 2023
family photography in Basel in high summer by the river rhine. Mum and dad are kissing

I'm here for all families. Everyone is included and welcome here.




or Just because!

What does family mean to you?

Because it's different for each of us.

I appreciate and celebrate all the differences that make your family truly unique. You are special, exactly the way you are.

My belief is that family is whatever you choose it to be.

Whether you have 7 children, 1 child, no children but a menagerie of pets, you might be a single parent, or are grandparents raising grandchildren, have adopted or are fostering children, 2 dads, 2 mums, maybe you had a long and painful journey to parenthood (I've been there!) or perhaps you are trying to have children but can’t, the intentionally child-free or your chosen family.

Whatever family means to you, and whatever your family dynamic looks like; your story deserves to be told and photographed.

I'd love to be the one to do that for you.

Are you are thinking of perhaps, someday, maybe having a family photoshoot?!

I get it, you’re a parent (me too), you’re busy with a million things to juggle (me too!), I understand.

Please don’t let a family photo session be just one more thing on your to-do list. I’m here to make it easy, fun and enjoyable for you.

I don't want to sound dramatic, but: These photos will grow in importance over time.

Your future self will thank you for making the time to do this.

Heartfelt // Natural // Relaxed // Playful // Raw // Emotional // Authentic // Joyful // Unguarded // Intimate // Beautiful // Easygoing

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couple kissing in front of the Stadthaus in Zurich, her hair is blowing in the wind and she's laughting, he is kissing her neck

If you are looking for wedding, elopement, or family photography in Switzerland (or further afield) introduce yourself and tell me all about what you’re planning.

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