Civil Wedding Photography in Switzerland

I love small intimate civil weddings in the city.


They are stylish, chic and often pared back; focussing on the things that matter most which ultimately is the two of you getting declaring and celebrating your love for one another. An intimate civil wedding ceremony is usually much less stressful and, as a result, often really fun without having to try very hard. What’s not to love?! So, This page is dedicated to my complete and utter love of civil wedding photography in Switzerland.


It could be just the two of you on your own or with your witnesses, closest friends and family (and me!) celebrating your life together in the city which you love and have chosen to make your home. It’s perfect.

Photography for your Civil Wedding.

However you choose to have your civil ceremony, it is something that should be celebrated and - I believe - photographed! As it is a legal requirement here in Switzerland, and sometimes happens on a different day to a larger wedding. It can get forgotten and not cherished as it should be. Don’t let this happen for you. This is a moment to be celebrated; your declaration of love and vows to each other.

How you choose to celebrate the day is completely up to you. No fuss, relaxed and easy.

If you are having your civil ceremony on a different day to your main wedding, as many people in Switzerland do, I would love to be there to photograph your civil wedding as well - let’s celebrate this moment too!

What are you planning? Tell me all the details.

If you are interested in civil wedding photography in Switzerland, please get in touch.

However you choose to celebrate your civil wedding, photography should play a part.

Some of the wonderful things that you could include on your Civil Wedding Day:

+ Take a Ride in an oldtimer tram;



+ Have Lunch at a favourite restaurant with your closest friends and family;



+ Dinner at a fancy restaurant you have always wanted to try, just the two of you;



+ A spontaneous apero outside in the street;



+ An Apero at a nearby bar;



+ a Boat trip down the Rhine or on lake Zurich;






+ You could Have your portrait session somewhere that means something to you both. in the past this has been a first date location, a cool old library, a favourite brunch spot, outside the first place you lived together, there are so many options!;



+ If you are in Zurich did you know that you can officially have your civil wedding at the zoo?.

Basel, Zurich, Bern and Luzern Civil Wedding Photography.

Small intimate weddings + a happy couple + these beautiful cities = pure magic.


There are so many beautiful places and hidden corners to explore and to have your couple portrait session.


I do have some particular favourite places and tried-and-tested routes that i can share with you. But I am always open to new suggestions.


Let me know your favourite locations and we can explore.


I've squeezed a portrait session into 15 minutes right before the ceremony and have also had a lovely hour long tour of the city photographing a couple in different locations before. However you want to have your civil wedding to happen I can work with that!


If you are having your civil wedding ceremony somewhere else then please still get in touch, there are so many gorgeous cities to explore.

True story: At the first civil wedding I photographed here in Basel the lovely groom left his wallet on the tram. Luckily he realised. but to get it back he had to run down Freiestrasse to beat the tram to the next stop so he could pick it up! He made it, found his wallet and got to the Zivilstandsamt in Basel in plenty of time. He didn’t even look out of breath!

Find out


I’d love to talk to you about your civil wedding photography plans.

Fill in the form below, tell me all your plans and I will get back to you. I'm looking forward to hearing all about it.


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Or, if you would prefer you can email me on:


We would strongly recommend Caroline, She caught hilarious moments that might not have occurred to others to take but we treasure.

- Victoria and Carl

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