If you’re planning a wedding at Hotel Castell, St Moritz, you’ll enjoy this wedding!

S & S married in a tiny old church in Engadin and then went onto Hotel Castell, Zuoz for the wedding reception. Hotel Castell is a quirky and very cool hotel in the Engadin valley.  It has the most stunning mountain views and is full of wonderful and bonkers artwork.

It was such a beautiful wedding day.

couple hugging in a relaxed way for their wedding photos with a mountain view of Engadin and St Moritz wedding photograohy

The Wedding Ceremony

The ceremony was at Kirche San Peter in Samedan which is a beautiful, tiny mountain church. 

They exited the church to confetti and cheers, then had a small apero right outside.  It was supposed to rain and had been threatening too all day. We were all watching the clouds rolling in up the valley and hoping it would stay away. Luckily, it was just a lot of beautiful and moody skies with not a drop of rain though.  

After apero no 1, everyone headed up into the mountains to Hotel Castell for apero no 2. Which included a beautiful mini concert by some very musically talented family friends.  

wedding photography portraits at Hotel Castell, Engadin

Why Hotel Castell is a great place to get married.

I love weddings at Hotel Castell because it has so many great opportunities for wedding photographs. More than that though, it manages to pull of the perfect combination of being super luxurious yet down to earth and very cool at the same time.  It’s not a stuffy or formal place, it’s fun and inviting.  Kind of a perfect combination!  The surroundings at Hotel Castell are completely stunning with views for miles and there is such a huge and wonderful collection of artwork it’s almost like a gallery. 

Hotel Castell weddings are perfect for anyone who loves the outdoors, and is one of the coolest places to get married in St Moritz.  Bonus points too because all your guests can stay over and have breakfast the next day too.

couple laughing at their wedding at Hotel Castell Engadin

The couple portraits.

I met up with S & S in the morning before their wedding so that we could go up into the mountains in Engadin for their couple portraits.  Neither of them wanted anything formal or overly posed. We drove up the mountain pass to see what we could find and ended up going for a little walk to take in the mountain views.

It was the perfect opportunity to do the "couple portrait" part of the wedding photography before the wedding itself because it meant that they could spend more of the afternoon with their guests.  It gave them more time to concentrate on both aspects of the day in a relaxed way.  Just before dinner we sneaked off for a bit to take some photos with all the artwork though, it was too tempting not too!

wedding couple in front of the mountains in St Moritz

The Evening

I left S & S after a few informal speeches and as they were tucking into their delicious looking dinners.  As I said goodbye and headed for home, I could hear the most wonderful contented hum of good conversations with old friends and new coming from the dining room.  It really was a delightful day.

bride in a beautiful dress walking towards the camera at Hotel Castell wedding photography St Mortiz

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