Holga photo on film in an italian olive grove in summer

This wasn’t exactly how I planned to launch my blog!  I guess I haven’t really “launched” the new website yet either.  There has been no fanfare and no posts to Instagram about a BRAND NEW WEBSITE.  I am just letting it quietly “be” in its own little space for a while. 

I will shout about how long it took me and how pleased I am with it another time. 

For now, it is ready for viewing by whoever might stumble upon it.  I guess I’m just a bit shy too.  That and the fact that its not 100% finished yet.  I find choosing which photos to go into the galleries is such a hard task!  I can sit there for hours just going back and forth between what I want to share while trying not to have 1000’s of images up there!  So what you will see on my website at the moment is a snippet in time.  There are plenty more photoshoots, wedding photography, elopement photography and family photography that I want to share and I will, in time, there is no rush is there?!

I will probably go back through the galleries that are already up there and give them a bit of a cull because, if nothing else, I’m an over-sharer!  

I was going to do some super useful and interesting blog posts about what to to do if it rains on your wedding day.  Or, how to get through those group photos quickly and without any extra stress (and I will do that) but right now we are all in the middle of some very very weird times.  So many people are suffering, frightened, ill or worse and confined to their homes because of Corvid-19 I thought that it would be nicer to remember a time when we were aloud outside to explore, to wander and adventure.  Because it will come again, I don’t (no-one does) know when but it will.  We’ll get through this one way or another, things may be different on the other side, who knows but we’ll manage.

For now, this is Italy taken on a variety of old cameras on film from various different trips.  Feel that sun on your skin and imagine all the pasta!  

double exposure panorama of the seaside and flowers in Italy taken on Holga camera

These were mostly taken in and around Sorrento or in Ticino which is the Italian part of Switzerland and then just over the border into Northern Italy.  

Ticino is somewhere that I’ve only been to once and completely fell in love.  Its only 3 or so hours away from here but its another world.  That is something that is quite apparent in lots of places in Switzerland.  The landscape, the climate and the languages vary so much that it can feel like many countries all rolled into one.  I cannot wait to get back out and explore this country more.  So much to see and so close by.

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Wedding Photography in Switzerland.

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