Micro Wedding in Basel // What to Know About Having a Micro Wedding, from a couple who had one!

Montserrat and Martin, a micro wedding in Basel. 

This was one of the first micro weddings in Basel I was able to photograph after the lockdown for Coronavirus ended.  It made me hopeful that weddings could still continue and be beautiful and heartfelt. Weddings would still be filled with all the meaning and love that we are used to, even in an uncertain world. In fact the uncertainty of the world we are in at the moment somehow accentuates the love and feeling even more.

I’ll say it again:

“Love is not cancelled!”

couple kissing at their wedding by the river Rhine in Basel

I asked Montserrat and Martin if they would share their thoughts and feelings about their micro wedding in Basel vs the wedding that they had originally planned but were not able to have.

Thank you so much for sharing your story so generously. For answering these questions and for letting me share the answers. Hopefully they will help and inspire other couples who are deciding on how to proceed with their own weddings at the moment. It was wonderful to see that you seamlessly, and (from the outside at least) effortlessly and creatively changed your plans. YOU DID IT!!! You went ahead and stuck two fingers up to Covid-19 and got married anyway. I salute you and am so pleased to have been able to be a small part of your day.

Hopefully, anyone reading this and planing their own wedding can take some inspiration and hope from this gorgeous pair.

Enough of my waffling, here are the questions I asked and their lovely answers:

Your wedding obviously took place while the world is all a bit crazy and Coronavirus is an ongoing constant in all our lives at the moment.  It was so great and super romantic that you decided to have your wedding anyway.  What made you decide to go ahead and not wait it out?

We wanted to be married. That was our main goal. If that was clear, why should we wait?  With a bit of flexibility, we decided to adapt to the situation and go ahead. We chose to fight together for our love in this moment rather than waiting passively until the pandemic would go away.

socially distanced wedding at the Zivilstandsamt in Basel.  the family members are sitting away from each other and looking at the fist kiss

Did you have to change your plans due to Corona?  If so, what did you have to change?

Yes! Absolutely everything.

We had been planning a big wedding in Spain in September 2020, with a Venue in a beautiful Villa where we were also planning to host our family and friends who had to come from abroad. During the spring months, the situation did not look good so we set a deadline to make the ultimate decision at the end of June.  By the deadline, the situation was a bit better, but we were still very concerned about the safety and health of our loved ones, so we took the hard decision to cancel it. 

Then we had two options: postponing it for next year (knowing that the virus might still be with us) or doing something completely different. We went for the second option. We cancelled all the plans in Spain, got in touch with the Zivilstandesamt in Basel to see when was the next possible appointment to get married. When we got it, we booked a little table in Les Trois Rois for lunch on the same day. So our micro wedding in Basel was all set! We were lucky that on a last moment search for photographers found you. It was a lucky moment in all the process of planning it.

And that was it! Simple, easy and nice.

a couple get married in a small intimate wedding ceremony in Basel during lockdown

Were you pleased that you went ahead in the way you did in the end?  Tell me a couple of reasons why?

We were so pleased, we got married!!! Which was the main aim.  When you think of it, you don’t need 100 people around you, huge venues etc etc.  The little wedding made us even happier.  We could enjoy this day together with our parents and siblings with NO stress at all.  It was fun. It was beautiful, intimate, and the fact we did it unexpectedly, added a huge amount of romanticism to it.

Another very important point was that our direct family could come. This was just a matter of luck. We were aware we might get married completely alone. Luckily in July most countries allowed travellers to fly again, so our parents and siblings were able to come.

What was your favourite moment on the day?

The whole day was kind of a dream. I guess the nerves before entering the Zivilstandesamt, and also just after the wedding opening the bottle of Champaign and radiating happiness.

Any advice that you could give to other couples planning their weddings at the moment?

Keep flexible and open minded. At the beginning we were very upset thinking we could not carry on with our initial plans. But changing it was easy and a relief in the end. We just had to change our minds.

And if you need a photographer, give a call to Caroline! She is spontaneous, nice, professional and very helpful.  We could not have done a better choice.

Planning the actual wedding was not difficult at all. It was all last minute, and we even managed to get flowers and appointments with hairdressers!

The difficulties were mostly in cancelling the initial plans in Spain.  We will do a little celebration with the rest of the family from Spain sometime next year. If Corona allows it.

What was the most important element to you both when you were planning your wedding?

When planning our actual wedding (not our initial plans in Spain) we wanted it to be relaxed, enjoyable for everyone, small and smart.  We felt we had now the opportunity to properly enjoy our day with the most important people in the world. Instead of big theater production. We could genuinely enjoy every single moment with our family and wanted to give them the best time we could.

Lastly, do you have a favourite photo from your wedding?  If so which one and can you tell me why?

There are so many we love. But our favourite one, which picks all the emotions and excitement would be this one, It describes how we felt without words:

couple holding a bottle of champagne outside the zivilstandsamt basel micro wedding

You can still have and plan a wedding during a global pandemic (obviously in line with all the local restrictions etc etc etc - I’m not advocating breaking any laws here!) and it really is AN AMAZING IDEA!!

Thank you again so so so much Montserrat and Martin for taking the time to answer these questions about your micro wedding in Basel

I think we need to end it with this quote though, because, really what more is there to say:

We wanted to be married.
That was our main goal. If that was clear, why should we wait?  We chose to fight together for our love in this moment rather than waiting passively until the pandemic would go away.

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