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Micro Weddings, Basel

Micro weddings // small weddings // intimate weddings // elopements, whatever you want to call them, I LOVE them!

There is something so freeing and emotional about having a Micro wedding.

By celebrating your wedding in a more intimate and closer way, everything becomes intensified.

Small and intimate weddings are nothing new. They have become more popular since 2020 "happened."

With micro weddings you have the opportunity to create something new and uniquely "you". They are a way of evolving, adapting and reinventing a traditional wedding. It isn't about having a diminished version of a "big" wedding, it's a whole new and exciting world of opportunities.

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couple sitting on the old ferries that go over the river Rhine on their micro wedding Basel

This is what one of my lovely couples said about why they chose a mini wedding over the larger more traditional wedding they were initially planning:

"When planning our actual wedding (not our initial plans for a wedding in Spain) we wanted it to be relaxed for everyone, enjoyable, small and smart. We felt we now had the opportunity to properly enjoy our day with the most important people in the world for us. Instead of a big theatre, we could genuinely enjoy every single moment with our family."

Montse and Martin

You can see photos from their micro wedding in Basel over here:

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micro wedding bride running alongside the Tingueley statues in BAsel

Honestly, I love small weddings.

They have a special place in my heart and have done for a while

I do understand that they may be a new prospect for you though, especially if you were planning a large wedding.

The cozy nature of celebrating with just your nearest and dearest is special. I've photographed some micro weddings in Basel in the last few years that have been sprinkled with an extra layer of magic.

Every moment has been savoured and appreciated even more because of the delicacy of this time and the pure joy of coming together to get married.

Now is your time.

I'd love to photograph your micro wedding

If you are changing and adapting your wedding plans or were already planning a micro wedding in Basel/Switzerland, and want beautiful photos that your friends and family will love for years to come, I am the person for you!

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If you are looking for wedding, elopement, or family photography in Switzerland (or further afield) introduce yourself and tell me all about what you’re planning.

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