Caitlyn and Rainer in Zürich

A Stylish City Winter Wedding in Zürich

These two married at Zürich Stadthaus in winter and Caitlyn wore a dress that she found in a vintage store in San Francisco. Not sure you can get much cooler than that!

The light was completely spectacular that day. There is something about a bright winter day in Zurich that gives the best glowing, slightly hazy light ever. It must be to do with the lake and the mountains? If anyone knows the actual reason then let me know!

Caitlyn told me the story of her dress and I loved it so much that I asked her if I could share it here. She said yes and this is what she said:

"In October last year, I had to fly up to San Francisco last minute fir an appointment with the Swiss Consulate to prepare my marriage visa. A friend was so sweet and quick to offer to come and pick me up and hang ut with me.

We walked by Indigovtg and I saw this beautiful white dress in the window. I still had no idea what I was going to wear at my wedding, nor did I exactly know where the wedding would be, but I was actively on the hunt for something bridal but also....not too bridal. The shop wasn't even open yet and we were like, OK we are gonna wait until it opens because I feel like I need to try that dress on.

I picked up the dress and I saw that it was a Gunne Sax. Not only was it a Gunne Sax, but it was a Gunne Sax at a price I can afford for this humble wedding, not only that but it was a Gunne Sax that fit. My friend was the first person to see me in my wedding dress and I think that is special. I think it is also special and magical that it happened by chance on a da trip to SF to sign paperwork.

Either way, that is the story of why and how I was wearing a short sleeved mini dress at my January wedding (because I didn't care how cold it was, it was a SIGN!"

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couple kissing in front of the Stadthaus in Zurich, her hair is blowing in the wind and she's laughting, he is kissing her neck

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