Portrait of Caroline Hancox Photography, wedding photography Basel. Image By Suzy Lou photography
Portrait of Caroline Hancox Photography, wedding photographer Basel. Image by Claudia Rose Carter

Behind the lens

I seek beauty in the shadows as well as the light and find perfection in the imperfect.

All I'll ask you to do is to be yourselves.

Hi, I'm Caroline. A wedding and family photographer.

Based in the beautiful Basel, Switzerland for nearly 7 years, I’m originally from Cambridge in the UK.

The technical details: I’ve been a photographer for over a decade. Before capturing weddings, I worked for The Department of Chemistry at Cambridge University–a slightly different setting but still photographing people and their unique stories! The first wedding I photographed was for my dad’s boss (terrifying), but I’m pleased to say it went well and I’ve now photographed around 200 weddings and elopements all over Europe in pretty much every type of venue you could imagine.

I love to work with couples and families who are relaxed, lighthearted, imaginative and fun. I believe that everyone has a unique story and that it deserves to be told and celebrated. Let me tell yours.

“Everybody needs Caroline in their life and their wedding. These pictures are absolutely phenomenal! We cannot even express how thankful we are!”

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A few random facts about me:

“We have many amazing memories of the day but looking at the photos brings it to life like it was yesterday. Caroline has a great eye and really captured the magic and love in those precious photos!”

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Holga double exposure on film a mans portrait with daisies

This is John, I know you can't see his face in this photo but trust me, it's lovely.

He sends me little videoclips of things (usually animals) that he knows I would like from Twitter. It's cute, and it's just one of the many wonderful things about him.

Our daughter, Rémi is nearly 18 months old now and is a complete delight, total character, a force of nature, so so so cute and the best thing in the world (although we're 100% biased and not a little bit ashamed of that!)

The couples and families I photograph tend to…

My wedding couples want to enjoy their day in their own way. They don’t want the pressure of a super formal, stressful occasion. Instead they put the focus on having a good time with great company.

Being a people person at heart, I have a knack for putting those I photograph at ease (especially the ones who don't like having their photo taken!). Helping you to (almost) forget you are being photographed is my main goal, and super skill!

Relaxed, real, and candid photography is at the heart of everything I do. I don’t interfere too much with what’s going on. Focusing instead on photographing all the crazy magic unfolding around you.

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My approach

“All good things are wild and free.”

I want you to have a selection of images that reflect exactly who you are and how you felt. Full of beautiful moments that are an honest, atmospheric telling of your story.

I’ll make you feel good, like you can completely be yourselves. Which will result in those natural photographs you are looking for. Most importantly, I’ll never over-pose you, ask you to do something cheesy, or suggest anything that doesn’t feel like “you”.

It’s all about capturing that irreplaceable connection, and all the ways you show it but don’t even realise–that’s what I’m here to immortalise for you.

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couple kissing in front of the Stadthaus in Zurich, her hair is blowing in the wind and she's laughting, he is kissing her neck

If you are looking for wedding, elopement, or family photography in Switzerland (or further afield) introduce yourself and tell me all about what you’re planning.

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