Honest and heartfelt documentary wedding photography for relaxed, fun-loving couples who are madly, deeply, ridiculously in love.

The bits that make your everyday life so special.  The fleeting moments, the looks, and the feelings that make up your life together, these are what I want to capture.  When it comes down to it, its all about love.

I’m here to photograph all of that unbridled joy, authentic emotion, and the “in-between” moments that often turn out to be the best of all.  Most people are bonkers and strange in the best way, and if you want to show this authentically and unapologetically, and want to emphasise those little in-betweens that make love so great, we’re going to get along just fine.  If you’re the kind of people who want to create stories that will be cherished forever, I’m so glad we’ve found each other.  If you’re the kind of couple who don’t feel the pressure of having a super formal, highly stressful day, but instead want the kind of day that focuses on great company, a great party, and great food, I want to hear from you.

This is photography that lets you remember exactly how it felt to be there right in that moment.  Not just what it looked like, but what it actually felt like.  This is the most important thing for me.

an outdoorsy adventurous couple pose for a photograph in front of the Swiss Alps at lac Blausee on their elopement
portrait of wedding photographer Caroline Hancox

Hi, I’m Caroline

A real romantic, plant fiend, and, in case you hadn’t guessed, just the person to photograph your most important moments. I seek beauty in the shadows as well as the light and find perfection in the imperfect. For me, it’s all about authenticity, and giving you the real and emotional rendition of your wedding day, rather than a clipped, truncated highlights reel. From belly laughs to hand holds and the way the fabric of your skirt just catches the light – that sets my soul on fire.

I’m currently a Basel-based wedding photographer, meaning I have the lush Swiss mountainside at my feet, but am originally from Cambridge, UK, so I also love stylish city weddings and a good cuppa. I am currently learning German, but like to speak best through my camera…


Couple are point in the sun in front of a big door in the old town in the sun, they are smiling but looking away from the camera

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I just have to tell you that we are soooo sooo sooo happy and touched by your beautiful pictures…

MY GOD !! how do you do this?

Everybody needs Caroline in their life’s and their weddings…These pictures are absolutely phenomenal! and we cannot even express how thankful we are!!! I am touched, shaken and stirred. absolutely beautiful!


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