yay for bunting

Yes, that is a picture of me covered in mud.  I fell over whilst at Bestival, it was so so so so muddy!  I am just very glad that our tent wasn’t at the edge of the paths because those poor people had puddles of mud lapping at there canvas doors!  
So, I meant to write this post just after I came back from Bestival at the weekend but I was so busy editing the Chatel stuff and then I did another shoot for welding alloys, that I didn’t have a chance to sort out the photos from the weekend to put up here.  And then the exhaust on my car fell off so it was in the garage yesterday – all very complicated I know!  
Well I have finally found a minute so here are some of them, I mainly took photos of the bunting and the flags, it was so beautiful (i got a little overexcited about the bunting, same thing happened last year, i just love the colours!) It was even pretty  in the rain.

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