I’m just starting a project to learn all about video editing and recording sound, which is all very exciting and new as at the moment, I know nothing about video editing.  We (I am collaborating with another photographer called Jason Skelton) will be combining still images with sound to create a sort of soundscape.  We are doing a horror story.  Here are some possible stills from the film (can’t reveal the whole plot yet!!).

The shot on the left is mine (self timer – tricky!), the shot on the right is Jason’s of me, they are both processed by me.  We wanted a really gritty and grainy look to the shots to put some scary sounds ontop of.  It was very very very funny acting out this shoot – I am, surprisingly(!), not an actor and trying to look scared whilst laughing and being laughed at and photographed is not that easy!  Hopefully we’ll be recording some scary sounds tomorrow to mix with the shots in the edit.

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