I did a project a little while ago about a local butcher shop and abattoir, the title is ‘work’.  I am really proud of this project and have submitted it into jpg magazine.   To be honest I am a little nervous about it being up there for all the world to see as it quite a controversial subject which could easily offend some people.  It is not my intention to shock and upset anyone, I was just looking to document what I found.

Below are 2 images from the project.

I was interested in the working life of a local, family run, traditional butchers shop. There used to be around 3 butchers near to where I live, but, now this one is the only one left. I suspect that the big supermarket down the road has wiped out the others.

The people who work in the shop have such respect for the animals and also such skill in their craft. I wanted to document this passion they have for providing good quality, traditionally prepared food in a world where the supermarket rules.

To view the whole project and vote for it to be included in the magazine please click the link:

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