I have to firstly appoligize for not posting for a while, there are 2 reasons:  one is that I was on holiday which was just wonderful, snowboarding in Tignes!  and the other is that I have been spending every spare minute doing my final showcase project for college, which is coming along nicely, I will post some of the photos from that on here soon.

In other news I had the preview of my exhibition last night and I sold 2 photos!! I am so so so pleased so thank you very much to Kevin and Becky, my new favorite 2 people in the world!  I also want to say thanks to all my lovely friends and family for coming along and supporting me and saying lots of nice things!

This is one of the photos that sold: 

The exhibition will be up for another 2 months so if you happen to be in Royston please pop in for a look (direcions are in the blog post below).



    Hi Caroline, I saw your exhibition in curwens today I thought it was great. I’ve only ever seen polaroid lifts in the cyber world, your images are beautiful in their detail.
    Best wishes

  2. Caroline Hancox -

    Thank you for going to see my photos and thanks for your lovely comment. Are you from around Royston? I’m just going to go and check out your blogs now


  3. Caroline Hancox -

    i’ve lived here forever! glad its growing on you, i’m slightly growing out of it and looking for my next adventure, one day soon hopefully! My latest project is about Royston actually, i’ll post some photos and would love your opinion


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