My showcase project is going well, I have slightly changed the route I am following and now focussing on ‘home’.  Same idea, just a different focus point to the project.  Anyway as Johny is a big part if my home, quite a lot of the pictures are of him.  This is one of my favourites – cute!



    I like the portrait. He seems relaxed but I imagine that comes with having a lens pointed at you endlessly!
    When you say a ‘showcase’ project -what is it for?

  2. Caroline Hancox -

    he was cleaning his glasses and i just happened to catch this! He is very tolerant of my camera pointed at him all the time! I am in my final year of uni and showcase project means the big bad final project that is supposed to how the world what you’ve got! it is going to be displayed at Anglia Ruskin sometime in June – very scary!!!


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