Ninja Magazine

How exciting!  Ninja Magazine issue 12 came out yesterday and I am in it!  

I love how my images have been layed out and the way they have written my name, the typography is great, I need to find out who designed it.

Click the link to view the whole magazine, I am on pages 156 – 161

I am very proud to be a part of this magazine as I think that the photography in it is amazing so its excellent to be a part of something of such high quality and filled with such creativity.  Also the editor said that he had had a lot of positive comments abut my work – Yay!! 


  1. bubble -

    That’s cool! Congrats 🙂 If you find out which font is used for your name in the story, please let me know! It looks nice.

  2. Caroline Hancox -

    brilliant, you certainly did spy woolies broken window!

    i’ll post the dates and directions to the show soon

    and bubbles, I don’t know what the font is, I think it might of been hand-drawn? but i love it too, its great isn’t it? If I find out that it is a real font and not someones creative typography, i’ll let you know



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