Miss Snooty Boots

A while ago my Grandma sent me this photo with ‘Recognise Miss Snooty Boots’ written on the back, it is just the funniest thing ever! It is me at my christening with my Grandad, I completely love this photo, look at my little face, I do look snooty don’t I?! I found it while tidying up a shelf that collapsed (don’t ask!) yesterday and had to scan it to make sure that I have it forever, thought i’d share it as I think its priceless and think my Grandma is amazing for sending to me with Miss Snooty Boots on the back. All my grandparents are amazing, I hope I’m like them when I’m old!

I actually think that Miss Snooty Boots is a pretty cool nickname, I might adopt it and take all the credit!



    Cool snap of you, you do have the look of one of those baby snooty boots!
    I went to the Ruskin Gallery today thought your work looked great displayed like that and it looked different to on the blog somehow.
    The whole exhibition was fab and the work so varied in styles etc.
    Have you had much feedback?


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