1 Year Old!

I am a little late with the celebrations but my blog was 1 on the 27th of June!!!!!

So much has happened in the last year. I have had 3 exhibitions, finished uni, made a book (and sold some copies!) had lots of freelance commissions and last week I won another award at college, this one was for ‘Continued High Achievement’ which was lovely. I also have some people who actually read my blog which I wouldn’t of dreamt of a the beginning!! So thankyou to everyone who has left me lovely little messages and who reads my ramblings. Everything is going pretty well and I hope that in the next year my freelance business continues to grow, my secret dream is to work for Waitrose Food Illustrated, I just love the photography in that magazine. Maybe this year I will get to work for them?! Fingers crossed!!

Lots of love to everyone who reads my blog. The photo above is one of my favourite funny shots from glastonbury, I was trying to take a photo of the dancing girls when Bananaman jumped in shot!

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