Explorer Magazine, Your Space Cambridge Apartments

Some of my photos were used in an advert for Your Space Cambridge Apartments in this months Explorer Magazine (page 73 for anyone in Cambridge that wants to have a look). The photo below is one the photos that was included, it happens to be on of my favourites from the shoot. I took photos in 8 different apartments inside and out! They were all beautiful and I wanted to live in most of them!



    I’ll have to get me a copy of the explorer this month!

    The arts festival was good, I helped Royston Photographic society with the exhibition and shooting the face of royston which was fun.

    Last thursday thay had a talk by Chris Weston (wildlife photographer)as part of the festival – it was interesting

  2. Caroline Hancox -

    I can’t believe I missed all that, what was i doing?! Are you a member of the Royston Photographic Society? I have never been brave enough to join!


    Royston Photographic soc has improved in the time I’ve been going. There are now more women going and a range of interests.
    There are some very competitive photographers though
    I did them a talk on pinhole once!
    You should come along


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