Weekend breakfasts

I know it is Tuesday but I had some delicious breakfasts at the weekend which helped me to practice my food photography.

It was so tasty even the washing up looked good! Unfortunately I also attempted to make a lemon drizzle cake for my parents, which failed completely and did not taste good, at least the messy remains looked good though!
ps. that magazine in the corner of the top photo is the best photography magazine ever ever printed, it is called GUP and you should read it.



    I’ll put in a breakfast order for next weekend- if you do delivery.

    You make me think I should get my camera out more often. Although my kitchen looks like a bomb has hit it!

  2. Caroline Hancox -

    I charge for delivery! My kitchen also looks like a bomb has hit it but then i just photograph round the mess! i expect to see your weekend breakfast photos next week please! x


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