Do you apres ski?

So it seems that my French Skiing photos are becoming quite popular. I have just discovered that they have been featured on this blog:

and this one (amongst others):

So thank you ladies for promoting my work. I find promotion and marketing very difficult so it is good that my work is out there for all to see and being featured on different blogs/websites/magazines is a really good way to help. It is always a nice feeling when someone thinks your work is worthy of being featured. That said it is a bit of a strange feeling too, to find out that people have been looking at your photos on other blogs without knowing about it, its kind of exciting/strange!
To see the full collection of these French Skiing photos they are on my new website (!!) which I am working on refining at the mo here is the link:
(click on the project called Snow) while you are there, let me know what you think of it. Too many photos, not enough, have i missed anything off?

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