he he he!

I had to take a sneaky pic (well i got my boyfriend to take one!) of me at the exhibition and awards evening of the Professional Photography Magazine, Photographer of the Year Award competition (I may of mentioned that before??!) My photo was up on the wall and looked great, I was so pleased. The one behind me of the car was the winner of the Commercial section, and it was for a real life Audi advert, so i was in good company.
These photos (below) are from a sunny muddy walk the other day that made me think that spring might be coming. This thought was wiped out walking home from work last night in the rain though.

And finally, I found some more places where I have been featured this week:
Fringes project on PostMonkey. I wish I could read the language on this one…
…and my mulled cider photo in a lovely collection of January tones and colours on The Bakers Daughter blog, which is a lovely blog and you should read it.


  1. Pan -

    Hi Caroline!
    translation is currently :

    Caroline Hancox who is photographing the unpredictible nature by polaroid emulsion lifting method has noteworthy works. The use this old fashion method for illustrating the nature who is turned back by human beings and ignored by various life habitat complexes built just upon it, is an interesting and also the basic characteristic that makes her unique.

    Stay on track, stay with love.



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