I was inspired by this blog post on The Mocking Bird blog, which I often read. She basically said just go and shoot a photograph, it doesn’t matter what of or if the light isn’t perfect, just take a photo! This is something that I thought was a good idea, especially as i sometimes I think about it too much and don’t push the shutter! Well I thought that I would take a photo of my lunch today so here it is: This is my photo of an orange just because I can! Weirdly, this was supposed to be a blood orange, but it is completely orange, I think it must of got mixed up in the packet.

Also I was really pleased to find a particularly excellent comment this morning after mentioning that my fringes project was on a blog called Postmonkey and I couldn’t read the language. Pan, the writer of the blog left me the translation which goes like this:
Caroline Hancox who is photographing the unpredictible nature by polaroid emulsion lifting method has noteworthy works. The use this old fashion method for illustrating the nature who is turned back by human beings and ignored by various life habitat complexes built just upon it, is an interesting and also the basic characteristic that makes her unique.”

How nice is that? Made my day, thankyou Pan!



    I’m into the just push the shutter thing at the moment. I’m doing one of these 365 projects at the moment and I have taken a shot every day. I often lack light and inspiration, but I have taken a photo everyday so far. Posted the results on flicker for better or worse!

  2. Ian Land -

    I did the same thing today, just took pictures without thinking about it too much. It did help that the light was good for the first time in weeks though…


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