A little while ago I received a Kreative blog award from Pretty Little Thieves (a gorgeous blog full of fab illustrations) thankyou nancy.
You have to reveal 7 things about yourself and then pass it on to 7 other creative blogger types.
Here is my 7……..
1. My boyfriend and I have a little house which we are very slowly renovating, He is good at building things (see shelves above) and I am good at painting things.
2. Not really a surprise this one but I am obsessed with photography and cameras, my dream photo shoot would be for a certain gorgeous foody magazine called WFI.
3. I don’t know why as I like other types but the only trousers I own are jeans and leggings.

4. I want to live in the Alps again.
5. I like swimming but I’m not a huge fan of running.

6. I’m quite a good cook, mushroom risotto is one of my favourite things.
7. I want a dog, preferably a little whippet.
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