Blossom – can’t help it!

I like blossom. Its pretty and it makes the world seem bright and cheery, especially after a grey dreary dull winter, I also like taking photos of it but I think that blossom pictures look a bit cheesy cheesy. I have a bit of a problem with cheesy cheesy photos but at the same time photos of blossom make me go ooooo, how pretty. Its a balancing act trying to compete with half of my brain going ooooooooo pretty pretty pretty!!! and the other half going don’t take photos of that its the same as all the other million blossom photos all over the internet!! So here are some of my blossom picture, I am not listening to half my brain at the moment!

Also don’t you think that blossom looks as pretty on the floor when it has fallen off the trees as it does on the trees? like natural confetti everywhere.

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