My Nana, you wouldn’t ever be able to guess but it was her 80th birthday party that day!

To Carlina (milki.c) for adding me to her inspiration board over on flickr. There are some really excellent photos in this selection as you can see below.
Also thanks for voting and leaving nice comments, I didn’t win unfortunately but it was close and the good comments meant a lot to me as there were a few really snotty and snide ones which isn’t very nice! I think I need to grow a thicker skin. I have been asked to participate in August’s artist of the month and I am thinking about it at the mo. Not sure I want the mean comments again!
I have my glastonbury photos back I just need a minute (or many) to scan them all. then they will be up on here. In the mean time, here are some random photos from the rest of June, it was a pretty good month!

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