What is England – Work

This is my edition for the theme of work for the very fabulous What is England Project. It was taken in the studio, I love it when the sun comes subtly through the blinds, makes everything better! You can just see the corner of my computer in the bottom left hand side.

I was looking through the selection and my favourites are Andrew Moyeham, Dean Gillion, David Ryle, Stephanie Rushton, Vicky Slater, Andrew Newson and Sarah Amy Smith. I know that is quite a lot of favourites, but they are all pretty good!


  1. Diane -

    Clever photo, I love the light and shadows blinds make! The wall also made me think of a blank canvas and the work that is yet to come. David Ryle’s photo was interesting….like a painting.

  2. Caroline Hancox -

    thankyou, I loved his photo, I think that it might be of the steel works at Scunthorpe. I have never been but IO know that they are in Lincolnshire and this is what I imagine them to look like!


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