New Exhibition

Hello, I know I have been a bit absent (again, its been a busy but excellent summer) over here on my blog but I think that everything will be returning back to a bit more like normality now, we have just returned from a very lovely Lake Garda in Italy so photos for that will follow and I still want to share some France photos and a few other bits too. So maybe one day this little space of mine will be all up to date!
I also am involved with a lovely little exhibition at the moment at the Mill House cafe in Windsor. The show is curated by the Two Magpies girls and the title of the exhibition is home (couldn’t be more up my street!) The photos of the exhibition are not mine as I havn’t been to see it yet they are courtesy of the Two Magpies blog. I really like the drawing of Tower Bridge by Leila Bibizadeh (below). Head on over there to see the rest of the photos of the exhibition and everyone else who is in the exhibition, or if you are in Windsor pop into the cafe and have a look at them for real!

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