114 Miles Weeks 60 – 62

Its been 3 weeks since I last updated my blog with 144 miles, so here they are. All of my images are on the left this time and all of Ian’s are on the right. I have been so busy lately but if you look at my blog there are not half of the things I have been up to on here. I have photographed 2 weddings (another one is coming up), been to Edinburgh and Italy, have been shooting a lot more commissioned work which is excellent, bought a gorgeous new lens which just takes lovely lovely photos (the depth of field is stunning) but looking on here, it is as if I have put my camera away in a draw and not touched it for weeks! I will be back soon with photos of all of my recent, and not so recent activities but in the mean time I am now off to take some photos of some rather lovely handbags and also to put the finishing touches to my halloween outfit, it involves an amazing black tutu, pale pink tights, ribbon and fake blood!! Cannot wait!
Oh and I noticed this morning that one of the buds on my orchid (see photo above) has opened it must of happened overnight or something because one minute it was a closed bud and then this morning it is a perfect flower – so pleased as I managed to kill the last one I was entrusted with!

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