Looking into windows

I found these photos on my computer of a project that I started a while ago (and looking at the photos it was about this time last year!) which I really want to build on and complete one day. As you can see its about looking into other peoples windows. They can be shop windows, offices or homes, any window will do. I am not sure what draws me to these types of images but I am fascinated by the actual window sills, and how they are personalised and also the reflections. I think that it is this that I am more interested in than what is actually going on behind the windows, although the little glimpse into other peoples’ worlds is fascinating too.

More coming tomorrow


  1. Nicole -

    Oh Caroline, these are lovely! I too love looking through windows and have taken quite a few shots of them. You’ve inspired me to do a collection too!

  2. Caroline Hancox -

    thank you! its the sort of thing that you can’t help doing really is it!

    @Nicole – I’d love to see your collection too but I have tried to click on your name to see if you have a blog and can’t get any further, if you could leave a url next time, I’d love to see your stuff


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