114 miles and train journeys

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I got the early train today which at 6.30 this morning in bed seemed like the end of the world but I’m glad I did because I had forgotten that the early train also means ‘the very entertaining school train’. So this morning on the way to work, instead of falling asleep or reading my book. I learnt all about the lives of 2 noisy boys sitting next to me (now – I wasn’t eavesdropping, I think the people in the next carriage also heard all about this too). They were playing who had the bestest weekend – kissing girls, drinking the most jager bombs , staying up the lastest, being the lastest to work in the morning and saving/scoring goals in football! I think the one next to me won, but I can’t be sure. It was great, I wonder what I’ll learn tomorrow?


  1. Caroline Hancox -

    And me! This morning I was the chatty one on the train as I sat next to my next door neighbour but one and talked about his recent trip to California which sounded amazing!

  2. Li + Belle -

    I like to listen to conversations and watching people on trains or bus. This gives me much inspiration and so true to life. Sometimes it’s funny, but sometimes also very interesting


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