I really liked this city, and a rainbow on the train home = amazing!


  1. Li + Belle -

    Edinburgh is a city that I really want to see them. And Scotland is on my wish list.

    The photos are very pretty. The first and last photo I like very much, I like how the focus and blur pass into each other.

  2. bubble -

    Awwwh, this really didn’t help me in my yearning for Edinburgh! I visited the city for the first time last July, and fell in love. Who wouldn’t?

  3. Caroline Hancox -

    Thanks Nicole (and thanks for the facebook ‘like’!) These photos were taken with a Holga camera, not a tilt and shift or Photoshop, they look like this though because only the middle of the lens focusses and then as it gets to the edges of the frame, the focus softens off which makes the photos look dreamy and miniature like! This doesn’t always happen but I think as these shots were taken from a high vantage point it emphasises the model village look – or that is my theory anyway!

  4. Caroline Hancox -

    definitely get one, I love mine, its great as you never really know what you are going to get when the films are developed – there is usually a nice surprise on there!


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