Brand spanking new project

I have been wanting to do a new personal project for a while now but all the ideas I have had have never really come off. I am always full of good intentions for for one reason or another they never really get off the ground. I still have a few of these ideas sizzling away in the back of my mind currently cooking away but the other day a flash of inspiration hit. I had that thought – “why on earth did I not think of this before?!” and have since started a project which I can see running for a while. I have no deadline as it is just for me but it is started so its all shiny fresh new and exciting. By the way, I’m not telling you what it is about yet but here is a sneaky little peak.

It is important to do personal projects and to do something that you can really get your teeth into, otherwise it can become a formality and like you don’t ever do things just for you. NOT THAT I AM COMPLAINING ABOUT THIS AT ALL, please don’t misunderstand me! I love that I can actually work in photography and that I am lucky enough that people want me to take photos for them. That is not what I am getting at – I am not moaning or complaing about the fact that I am lucky to have work, that would be stupid! I just think that a personal little project on the side is a good thing and as no-one sees the world exactly how you do yourself, it is always going to be a unique view and keeps your mind focussed on something exciting.


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