Muddy feet, pretty light and Cambridge Cows

At the moment I have an excellent little job that involves taking photographs in lots of pretty Cambridgeshire villages.

So, on Monday as the sun was shining, which in itself is pretty remarkable at the moment! I went off to shoot some photos in Granchester. A particularly pretty village south of Cambridge (the photos above were taken during a refreshment and refueling stop, the light was just so gorgeous that I couldn’t resist taking a few snaps).

While I was there I decided to take some photos of the famous Cambridge Cows, now I am little nervous walking through fields of cows as they are so huge but I braved it and wondered into the field to get a shot. I only had my 50mm lens with me so I had to get quite close to them. After I had got as close as I dared (see photo below how close I got – not very as it turned out!) I walked off across the field towards the gate. This is when I had the bright idea of checking my emails on my phone. I was in the middle of reading my emails in my own little world, when I realised that the ground had gotten very very squishy and muddy. I looked down to see my feet sinking into the mud. I then had the choice to either go back the way I had come or push on through. I decided to carry on going to the path, which turned out to be the wrong decision as about 2 steps away from the path both my feet disappeared and got properly stuck. As I lifted my feet out of the mud both shoes were left behind. I had a split second of blind panic when I realised I had my expensive camera in one hand, phone in the other and no shoes anymore! Eventually brain kicked in, I put my camera on the relative safety of the path, phone back in pocket (why did I ever think it was a good idea to check my emails in a muddy field whilst wearing trainers I do not know) and fished around in the mud for my shoes. I got them back caked in mud and made my way back, sheepishly to the car to the amusement of passers by. Luckily I had a spare pair of shoes in my car so everything was OK in the end – but funny story no?!

Some out-takes from the shoot:

ps. It is now Thursday and the muddy shoes and socks are still in the back of my car, I ma kind of hoping that if leave them long enough the cleaning fairies will just magically get the mud out for me.


  1. Janine -

    That’s such a funny story! I totally know about the ‘perils’ of a being a dedicated photographer – it’s our unstoppable will to get the shot, that’s our biggest downfall ūüôā P.S. Maybe you could leave something nice, to entice those cleaning fairies ūüôā

  2. Li + Belle -

    I like your stories of your everyday life. They sound funny and full of little adventures. ūüôā
    In short vacation in the Alps, I am also walk by cows. I like their eyes. They are so fond, big and beautiful. But viewed up close (without a fence in between) I sometimes uncomfortable with the large cows.

    The photos from the pub I like very much. The light is very beautiful and the colors are good effect.


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