I am a big big fan of Orangutans. I love their gangly long arms and legs and there little faces. I would love to visit the sanctuary in Borneo where they carry around baby orangutans in wheelbarrows and washing baskets all wrapped up in blankets! One look into these big beautiful eyes and thats it, I usually cry! (to be honest it doesn’t take a lot to make me cry! I cry at old people, babies, anything small, when people are nice, or hurt, or mean, or happy, sometimes adverts and at most films!)

So thankyou Johny for my card with this little cutie on!
ps. sorry but I don’t know who took the photo but the card is made by Camden Graphics


  1. Ann -

    I totally cry at old people. One old wrinkly man with a kind face and I’m gone.

    I also cry at books. And reality TV shows. Sigh.

    So if you go to Borneo, I’m in! We can cry together at the sight of those little munchkins.

  2. Galit -

    Love Orangutans and all kind of monkeys!!
    It feel great to read what you wrote about crying because I’m just the same… I can easily be spotted in my car, crying while driving. What’s wrong? Oh, nothing, it just THAT song…
    Emotional girls we are!

    P.S. Did you manage to find what you looked for (images platform)?

    P.S.2 Just finished a big face-lift + change of blog name and a little shift in direction. Come have a look when you have the time. Hope you’d like it!


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