Weddings and Yoga Class

Strange title I know but I wanted to dedicate this post to the wonderful lady who made my day when she fell fast asleep at the end of yoga class this week. If you are by some majorly amazingly freakish coincidence reading this this then I just want you to know that I think you are brilliant!! For those who have never been to a yoga class before let me tell you a bit about it. At the end of the session – after all the stretching and press ups and stretching and lunges and stretching (its hard -don’t be fooled by the look of it!) you then have to lie on the floor with the lights out and concentrate on your breathing, deep breaths – in and out – in and out – in and out – zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Every week I nearly drop off! So I salute you lady that did, and no you didn’t snore but I love you for asking me if you did. Next week I propose that the breathing bit last for the whole hour and dropping off is mandatory!

To completely change the subject I really wanted to show you all some photos from a wedding I did last year, I don’r often show all the commercial stuff I do on my blog but I thought that I might start to show a bit more, starting with weddings. I am really keen to do lots more weddings this year as I really enjoyed the ones I did last year. It is such a happy day, everyone is smiling and looking gorgeous and I really feel privileged to be let in by people to document their special day. The wedding I want to show you today is Kim and Paul’s special day, it was such a good day. The location was near to Dartmoor in Devon so there were fab views looking across the moor from the beautiful old venue – the weather was great (apart from a few spots of rain but that didn’t stop the fun!) and the people couldn’t of been lovelier!
I think this is the longest post I have ever written. I hope you made it all the way down here!!


  1. Ann -

    Love the shots, Caroline! They really evoke a certain mood, I love that.

    I am always terrified to nod off in yoga class. I once had someone fall sleep 3 seconds after the relaxing part started and the answer to the question “did I snore?” would definitely have been “Yes” in that instance. Not so relaxing for the rest of us.

  2. Li + Belle -

    Oh yes, please more of your wedding photos. Like the pictures very well.
    What you experienced in yoga, I have also seen the relaxation training. I’m not even asleep, but started it around me snore. That was funny.

  3. Janet Mazorie -

    I would love a yoga class where sleeping is mandatory. It would be like kindergarten all over again…except at this stage in my life I need the sleep!
    Lovely wedding photos.


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