What is England – Rural

The What is England project that I have been involved with is now all finished! I can’t believe it has been a year since we started this. There are some really great photos on the website, this is my last image for the project. The theme was Rural, so this was taken in the fields near to my Mums house which is always a great place to go to take photos. There are loads of photo opportunities and overgrown-ness (which if you know me then you know I have a fondness for a wasteland or 2 – not saying you live in near a wasteland Mum!) Anyway, moving swiftly on. I think that the whole project was a success and I am feel really pleased and privilidged to be a part of it so thank you to Stuart Pilkington for organising it all.
As usual there are loads of great shots, some of my favourites this time are:
DerbyshireAndy Greaves this one reminds me of going to the cattle market near my Nanas house when I was little and wanting to buy a lamb, it was only 50p but I wasn’t aloud! I know, outrageous. I still havn’t gotten over it!
LincolnshireDavid Ryle
West MidlandsJonathan Cherry
HertfordshireJames Ball
AvonChristina Fallara, and
SomersetJames Kergozou
There are loads of other really great photos on the website so why not go over there now to check it out.
I couldn’t decide between the shot above or this one below, so I sent them both and then Stuart decided! What do you think?


  1. Clare B -

    The first one if my personal favourite – although the second gives you a feeling of people interacting with rural, which is nice and perhaps a little less obvious. But then the first picture is so pretty!


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