Unusual connections – its just how my brain works!

I was watching this little short film (which is so beautiful and calming) and it reminded me of some of these images I took a while ago at a Ginger gig. I meant to share them on here before but other stuff happened and I forgot! You might not be able to see the similarities – one is in a dirty club and the other a beautiful aquarium but its the silhouetted people and the LCD camera screens that I was drawn to and what I made the connection between. See for yourself, am I mad?!

I’ve recently bought a new camera with HD video so I am planning on making some amazing and probably oscar worthy(!) short films soon. Well, as soon as I can work out how to get the films from my camera to computer and then into a usable format – might be a while them!
ps. I don’t know who the boy is in the 2nd photo but he’s very pretty!

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