New little camera

It was time for a new camera, I couldn’t resist anymore. I have had my eye on this one for a while now and finally justified it in my head to buy it. Need a bit more practice at the exposure settings but other than that – I am in love!
Was really pleased to see that I have been featured on the Unless You Will facebook page last week. I really like the photography that this magazine features so I am leased to be amongst some other really great photographers. You can see the feature here and while you are here why don’t you have a look at my facebook page and if you like it ‘like’ it!


  1. Galit -

    Wow girl!! This place looks amazing!!!!!
    Such great work with the layout, the banner, everything looks sparkling beautiful!!!!
    Well done!!!

    P.S. Your photographs are great as usual ūüôā


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