Juggling Pat


This is Pat, she is a hypnotherapist, and uses juggling as part of her therapy. Here she is showing off her skills.
I took photos of her last week and she didn’t once tell me to “look into my eyes” or put me to sleep and make me walk round like a chicken – she’s not that kind of gal! If you are in need of some hypnotherapy, it helps with all sorts including weight loss, anxiety and confidence issues then have a look at her website:
I can promise you that she will not wave a pocket watch in your face, put you to sleep or make you do anything silly!


  1. Galit -

    This animated gif hypnotized me already! ūüôā
    I discovered self hypnose lately for some sleeping problems I had and it changed my life!!

    p.s. hope my email was constructive rather than confusing… I wrote it very early in the morning and later found out i answered a question you weren’t asking…. so sorry if it was a bit unclear


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