A whole week off

Last week I had a whole week off without the internet – no checking emails, looking at any blogs/websites/facebook/flickr. A compeltely computer free week, in fact my phone ran out of battery half way through and I didn’t charge it up until last night. I can completely recommend it, switching off is good. The only downside though is that I have spent most of today sifting through a mountain of emails. But never mind it was worth it! So I am just stopping by to share a few photos of Palma de Mallorca which is where I escaped too and was gorgeous.
Also does anyone know how to get inside the fuji instax mini camera to clean the rollers? As you can see, mine has developed a spotting effect which I kind of like but probably should try to clean the rollers up to stop it?


  1. Anne -

    Some time without internet really can do some good every now and then! Lovely pictures, I like their atmospheres!


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