They are very “zen” (or something like that) aren’t they? And there is’nt much better to look at than a pretty sky is there? Well, I suppose looking at pretty boys is good too!


  1. Ashley -

    These are so beautiful! The circle shape makes me feel like I’m looking at the sky through a peep hole or something of the sort, almost like there is a fantastic world just beyond and all I can do is look at it through this one circular hole. Amazing!

  2. Janine -

    Definitely very Zen and your selection of skies looks fabulous as a series. I’m probably really behind the times, but nonetheless, I’m digging your new header! Happy week to you:)

  3. The Veda House -

    I really love how these have been cropped into circles. Really draws your eyes to the little details in the photos.

    Thanks for stopping by The Veda House. I really appreciate the kind words about my photography.


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