I’m feeling a little dazed

I won’t go on about it as I know its boring if you weren’t there but just wanted to share this pic (and maybe a few more later if thats OK?) and say that yet again Glastonbury was fantastic. I’ve scrubbed all the mud off, feel a bit dazed and am still letting it all sink in. Some of my highlights include Primal Scream, they bounced on stage and was increrdible all the way through with a brilliant small gospel choir as backing singers, Bog Boi – shutterbug and Ms Jackson (need I say more?), Jimmy Cliff, Tinie Tempah (such a cutie), a naked man on stage in the cabaret tent, Beyonce was just beautiful, the silent disco (if you are as scepticle about this as I was, then don’t be – just do it, its fun I promise) dan le sac vs Scroobius Pip and also Pulp popped up as special guests. There was difinetly loads more but right now my brain is hurting so I’m off to get a coffee and hide under my desk, I might go for a walk in the rain later with my wellies on and sleep in my garden to try and re-live it.

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